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Make BIG money now - £120k/$200k PA OTE
By selling PDQ247.com products and services, and be part of SALESFORC
E - our products sell themselves. We have qualified leads IN YOUR AREA wanting our products - you just need to get them to say "yes".

About the PDQ247.com opportunity
PDQ247.com are looking to establish a leading world wide salesforce to promote and SELL all kinds of web based products and services in YOUR area - our products and services sell themselves, and we provide the highest quality leads for those who produce good sales results.

We offer state-of-the-art sales systems, support and training to all of our sales agents and representitives, alongside unbeatable commission percentages on EVERYTHING you sell for us.

What qualifications do I need?
To put it very simply, "None!" Our resellers range from seasoned IT Professionals, to housewives, pensioners and students - all you require is the wish to earn big money, and you will succeed. Our products and services are required daily in every single type of business - you just need to find the right person to be speaking to, and we will help you do the rest! We will provide you with full training to get you underway, and a range of top level facilities to arrange and organise your sales opportunities, including:

  • Online access to SALESFORCE; our online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. So you will always know exactly where you are with every single client, at every point of the sales process. SALESFORCE includes your own personalemailaddress@PDQ247.com to impress your clients under our brand name. You can see the system by clicking here
  • Full training package and quick help guides on our product and service lines
  • Full product and service documentation to keep you one step ahead of the game
  • Our PDQ247.com starter package to help you find and gain sales immediately
  • Tips for quickly bringing customers online with us
  • Ability to set your own pricing and offer clients discounted rates - to GET the sale
  • The best commission ratios available in this market
  • Full sales support (during working hours) just incase you are unsure of anything
  • A FREE present for every client you call; if he buys or not - this will make him/her remember you next time you call them, and increase your chances of subsequent sales

All you require is a great sense of humour, telephone manner and the ability to travel within your immediate area, if you need to meet a client. Of course great personal appearence and bearing are paramount.

What else do I need?
A few facilities that you will already have at home, and a great sense of humour and enthusiasum!! PDQ247.com is a warm and friendly team. The facilities you will need are:

  • A PC
  • Internet connection - ADSL Broadband preferred
  • Live (MSN) Messenger or Skype Account - This you will use to communicate with other resellers within your country within SALESFORCE and your team leaders. This can be downloaded and you account created for free if you do not already have one. Please do this prior to completing the application form below
  • Access to a telephone. If you have a SkypeOut account you can directly call your clients direct from the SALESFORCE system
  • A local telephone/business directory i.e. Yellow Pages
  • Pen and paper
  • The ability to enter accurate and complete information in the SALESFORCE Customer Relationship Management system

How much will I make?
You will make, in cash, 30% of every sale. Consider selling a new website at €3500 (most of our sales are custom built projects with lots of optional extras) with hosting and e-mail services at €192.95 - this will make you €1107 in one sale alone. And that is without any extra services such as Link Building, Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimisation. And once you are promoted to Team Leader for your area, you will get 5% on all your teams sales too!

What does it cost me?
Absolutely nothing - we will even give you highly qualified sales leads with which to start. Apply using the simple application form below, and we will send you through full details of your SALESFORCE account, e-mail account details, and our PDQ247.com Starter Pack".

Then you can start earning immediately, and quickly work towards becoming the Team Leader in your area, so you can start making money (5%) on your teams sales too!

How do I get paid?
Your 30% commission is guaranteed to you! In the majority of cases YOU collect the money from your customer. You take your percentage, and forward us ours by Paypal or bank/money transfer. And as we always take a 50% deposit in advance on all design projects, and 50% upon the successful completion of the project, you don't even have to wait for the project to finish before you get paid - this suits our resellers perfectly!

So, you want to join our established SALESFORCE team?
We are glad that our company, our website and our sales opportunity has interested you! It does interest most people....especially those looking to increase their quality of lifestyle and control their own time.

If you have all the qualities we are looking for then please complete the simple form below, and your Regional Sales Manager will contact you directly regarding an interview and a view to getting you onboard and earning great money as soon as possible.

I want to earn big money:
I want to work from home:
I want the ability to plan my own time:
PC with Internet access available:
Use of a telephone:
Local phonebook/business directory:
Motivation/Enthusiasum/Will to succeed:
First name:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Postcode/ZIP Code:
Phone number:
Mobile number:
E-mail address:
Live (MSN) Messenger/Skype Account ID:
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Previous sales experience:
If yes, please give details:

Please note: PDQ247.com will NOT share your contact details with anybody else, and will use only for purposes directly involved with communicating between PDQ247.com, its partners and yourself.

We totally respect your privacy.

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