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WARNING: Don't Invest in SEO If Your web site is NOT Properly Designed
Learn How You Can Go from Page Rank "0" to Page Rank "4+" With The Right Search Engine Optimization Service and Analysis

Many webmasters make the "childish" mistake of purchasing expensive off-page SEO services without knowing they are shooting themselves in the foot by not optimizing their site first!. Are you one of them?. It is a painful experience to learn that you could have been on Google's first page of results, by just by placing relevant titles in your pages, which is a very common problem.

A simple search using the terms "Untitled Document" shows that over thousands and thousands of web pages have been indexed by Google.com without a title or description! STOP. Think about it!, millions of pages which don't have a title; that doesn't sound very professional at all. Despite these facts many webmasters buy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services which have turned out to be a huge waste of time and money!

Let us quickly examine huge the effects this small mistake causes. Using the same term described above we see that the first organic result points towards an ".edu" site. The title of this page is actually displayed on an image which doesn't even have and "alt" description. The title shown in the picture is "Introduction to Probability". Lets stop here for a second and think, if you were a student looking for this kind of information would you write "Untitled Document" in Google's search bar?, the answer is obvious, we all know we would look for "Introduction to Probability"!

After performing a search using the term in question we see that the site we are analyzing doesn't even show after browsing 5 pages deep. Most people would give up by now. In fact, the percentage of people who actually take their time to look for something after the first 2 pages in the SERPs is extremely low.

As you can see the results are clear. An excellent, reputable page is buried under hundreds or even thousands of results, just because someone forgot to give a proper title to this page!. Is this happening to you?.

At PDQ247.com Web Hosting, we know that not only titles tags affect your SERP ranking so we have put together the best team of on-page optimizers to help you optimize your site page by page even if you know nothing about HMTL, PHP, ASP, etc.

With our Search Engine Ooptimization (SEO) program you can get:

Website HTML structure analysis

  1. On-page tag analysis
  2. Increased Site/Page Relevancy
  3. URL Structure analysis
  4. .HTACCESS analysis
  5. Robots.txt analysis
  6. Improved site design using SEO techniques and CSS implementation
  7. Customized 404 pages
  8. Content uniqueness analysis related to LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing), etc

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