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Patrick Williams (USA, NC):

Your free SEO report really opened my eyes. I was very skeptical about your service. I never thought that a SEO company could give me a 150% return on my investment within one and a half months!. That sure beats my "Orange Savings Account!". Love you PDQ247.com!

Harry Patton (USA, TX):

I had fully optimized my website (to the best of my knowledge and abilities) but I still couldn't rank well in the SERPs, that's when I decided to give this service a chance, they found all the weak points and errors within my site's coding, liking and structure. I was amazed by the results of this consultation. I'll definitively be back!

Armond Hacopian (USA, CA):

My business didn't have an audience but after running a PPC campaign over a few months, I started to get emails from potential prospects from across the country!. I really have to thank all of you guys, PDQ247.com put my business on the map. I loved your free SEO report!.

Ron W. (CANADA, ON):

When it comes to keyword research these guys are the best!. When I started to optimize my site I did it thinking certain keywords would bring me some traffic but I was wrong. After a consultation they showed me what the best keywords are, which directly relate to my business and bring me visitors

Will Ritchey (USA, FL):

I wanted to organically optimize my website but I realized it was going to take time, which as a business owner I don't have. That's when I decided to try PDQ247.com's PPC management program. I was able to test the market and adjust accordingly without spending thousands in optimization that wouldn't have worked. I highly recommend them!.

Lucas Soto (COSTA RICA, CR):

Your link building program works like a charm. I started to see visitors within the first week, I don't know how PDQ247.com does it, the important thing to me is that they've brought more business than I expected. Thank You!.

Diana S. (USA, NY):

I honestly don't care about how fancy the reports are, what I really care about are the results. After getting my site fully optimized I can now say, these guys are the real deal!

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