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Do you want the abilty to let you and your staff update content on your web site, with out the further requirement for a costly web designer? EVER!

We have the ideal and immediate solution! For just £495 we will set you up with your own content managed web site and hosted database CMS system. Just click here and fill in the simple form

We will:

1. Provide you with your own content managed web site including:

  • a home page with complete navigation to the rest of your site
  • design the whole look and feel, customised to your requirements. We can design you a new logo, or incorporate your existing logo!
  • let you web site visitors contact you directly via your web site
  • we can EVEN arrange for your web site visitors to submit content to your web site, that the site manager can then manually approve**
  • provide you with your own control panel where you can add web pages, site categories, add/remove text and images to your web pages, create banner adverting campaigns, produce online polls for your website visitors and add RRS Feed News items with no technical expertise - very much like using Microsoft Word. EASY!
  • publish your web site and CMS control panel live on our systems ready for immediate use
  • do a manual submission of your web site URL into all the major search engines including Google, MSN and Yahoo
  • offer you a full choice of colour schemes for your web site

2. Domain name registration:

  • Help you choose and register your FREE Domain Name* for one year
  • Provide DNS Management Services completely FREE of any charge for however long you host your domain name and web site with us

3. Web Hosting:

  • Provide one year of FREE Web Hosting for your web site
  • Configure and install the MySQL Database to run your Content Managed web site solution
  • guaranteed 99.9% uptime, ensuring your clients can always visit your web site

4. E-mail:

  • Provide you with one year of FREE e-mail services for 10 accounts @yourdomainname.com
  • including FREE Anti-SPAM filter
  • including FREE Anti-virus protection

Sound good for £495? We think you will be hard pressed to find any comparative solution elsewhere, and certainly not backed by the design excellence of the Internet's leading provider!


To have our Web Design Team contact you regarding providing all of this for you, please complete the simple form below. We will take no payment from you now and ensure that you are 110% happy with our proposals, before doing so:

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Privacy - PDQ247.com Web Hosting will not use your details in ANY OTHER WAY but help you with your requirement .

* - limited to .com, .us, .net and .biz Domain Names. All other TLD domain name suffixes will present an extra charge
** - facility for web site readers to submit content to the site manager for inclusion charged at £195 extra


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