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Grabbing the Bull by the Horns? - Research Good Keywords to Avoid Tough Battles

STOP Investing In SEO If You Don't Know Exactly What Anchor Texts Are Good For Your Site.
Learn How to Rank High for Long Tail Keywords Which Bring Thousands of Qualified Visitors. Don't Fight Against a Bull If You Don't Have To!

There is nothing worse than going into a battle YOU KNOW you can't win. That's exactly what happens when forum posts are taken seriously , such claims are most of the time not verifiable but most likely mere speculations. The truth of the matter is that if you optimize your site using keywords suggested on message boards without any empirical data to back them up, you are lost!.

We often hear about frustrated webmasters who want to rank high for extremely competitive keywords in tough markets. Examples are: Viagra, Cialis, SEO, etc. Tackling such "short tail" keywords is not only futile but naive. Why?, simple!, there are already sites which have thousands of backlinks which have established themselves as authorities in their fields, have acquired high page rank and therefore are able to rank high for extremely competitive short tail keywords. If you do decide to take on such difficult task, "if and only if" you are a very capable SEO, after a couple of years you "MIGHT" be able to enter the first search engine results page.

Keyword Research is the corner stone of your link building work. PDQ247.com's SEOs know this is an unchangeable truth and because of this fact we have developed programs and extensive Keyword research analysis to make sure you compete for the best and most effective keywords.

Our basic keyword research shows that if you want to rank for the term "SEO" this is what you have to overcome:

Google Results for the term "SEO" = 130,000,000+

YES, you need to come up with a good plan to outrank one hundred thirty MILLION webpages which are competing for that specific short tail keyword. Does that sound like something you want to do?, we certainly know better!. Our keyword research program shows that is better to compete for long tail keywords such as:

Google Results for the term "SEO Analysis" = 3,000,000+

Google Results for the term "SEO Analysis Applications" = 2,280,000

As you can see having 2-3 million competitors is not as bad as having "130+ million competitors!" . With our keyword analysis you will know exactly what terms you can use to optimize your website and get several streams of traffic, instead of optimizing it for extremely competitive short tail keywords.

Benefits of our extensive Keyword Research Program:

  1. List of optimized keywords according to your website's content
  2. Optimized keyword set according to competitive verticals
  3. Optimized keyword groups according to traffic
  4. Rank higher and faster for long tail keywords

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Work smarter, not harder. Choosing the right keywords will allow you to SEE RESULTS instead of waiting to rank for extremely competitive terms in tough markets.

So stop dreaming about making money online and make things happen NOW

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